About Us

My name is Laquetta, and anyone who knows me, knows I am a whole VIBE!

As a lover of all things fashion, I have always dreamt of finding a place in the industry. It is my destiny. I believe in dressing in a way that displays confidence and uniqueness no matter where you go. I hope to inspire the same confidence and chic to people around the world by introducing desirable fashion and delivering vibes for every occasion. For this reason, I created Vogue & Vibes Fashion.

At Vogue & Vibes, we value bringing affordable, exciting and chic clothing to every shopping experience.


Our styles invite confidence, power, boldness, and playfulness when wearing our clothes in any occasion. We're not just about selling clothes. We're here to help our customers feel amazing about who they are and what they wear. Life is full of challenges and difficulties, but Vogue & Vibes is here to help you conquer the world one outfit at a time!